Coach's Cowl

So, the running is still going well.  We're officially signed up for a half-marathon next month and a few other events beyond that.  The biggest difficulty we're having to overcome right now is the later-every-morning sunrise.  Also looming?  Cold weather.

While these cooler mornings are making it very much nicer to run, I'm conscious of the fact that the Kid is not generating body heat like we are.  Our little coach--a nickname he earned by yelling "Faster!  Faster!" as we go along--needed some warm gear.

While further implements will follow, I started with this cowl.  I always feel cozy in a cowl, so I figured the Kid would too.  It's the super simple Kid's Cowl in Brambleberry Blackberry Worsted* (the color is Sagebrush).  Took me less than a day, and it's soft enough that the Kid is wearing it without complaint.  Win!

(*Disclosure:  Brambleberry Yarns is a My Bit of Earth sponsor, and Cynthia and I bartered for the yarn.  And y'all should beg, barter, or do whatever it is you have to do to get your hands on some too--it's delightful to knit with and the color is perfect!)