Sponsor Saturday: CurlyMae Designs

A big welcome to this week's featured sponsor, CurlyMae Designs.  Kimberly, the witty lady behind CurlyMae, makes funny cards and custom party favor bags.  (Be sure and also check out her other shop, Westmama Designs, where she puts some of that wit and artistic talent to work on t-shirts!)  She recently answered a few questions from me.

Me:  First things first, tell us how you got started with CurlyMae Designs.

Kimberly:  CurlyMae Designs is a division of Westmama. My cards and favor bags started getting an audience of their own and it made sense to branch off that side of my business... I wish I had a more clever reason for it, but really it was all about SEO and marketing. 

Me:  Your cards are witty in a really fun way. I can't decide if I like "I love you more than guacamole" best, or if my favorite is "You're Neat" with the glass of scotch. (Sweet Husband is a scotch fan, so I think that would score big points with him.) Where do you find inspiration for these sweet, but funny sayings?

Kimberly:  Many of my designs stay in my head or in my sketch book for a long time.  The "You're Neat" card idea was floating in my head for many years. I am whiskey neat drinker (or I was before kids) and I always thought that would be clever Valentines card. It is a very simple card, but lots of different versions and type fonts were tried before settling on the the final product. It's a nitch card, like most of my designs, and caters to a proud yet small market-- however hands down it is my best seller. 

About the "I Love You More Than Guacamole" card, for Father's Day this year I was trying to think of something to make for my husband. I had some wood scraps and I wanted to paint something. We love, love, love guacamole so I painted him a sign with it. When it was done I was really pleased and decided to try it out on some cards, having no idea how it would be received. I'm happy that it is becoming a popular design for me.

Me:  Your favorite materials are listed as "Photoshop, sharpie markers, [and your] nikon camera". If you had to add a fourth item, what would it be?

Kimberly:  Well lately I've been drawing more on my iPad, I have been playing around with many of different apps and I'm in love with one called "53 Paper".  It is a very simple drawing app without a lot of the bells and whistles, but has the most life like feel when using my stylus to draw. But it doesn't beat my sharpie pen, not marker :-) .

Me:  You also make custom party favor bags. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of printing those?

Kimberly:  Ahhh my party favor bags, a pure labor of love. I use a professional grade heat transfer paper that fuses with the fabric giving it a soft feel. I love doing these. Almost all of the ones I do are customer requests and I get to help them see their visions on these bags. It's fun and I love the results. However, oddly enough I find myself stuck on deciding a theme for my own kids birthdays... if only I could help me. 

Me:  Last, but not least, what is your favorite item in the CurlyMae Designs shop?

Kimberly:  I love my halloween bag, and not because of the upcoming holiday, but that was just so fun to make. It is original drawing that I then messed around in photoshop with. Everything I do is an original design most being hand drawings at one time, so it's hard for me to pick. My second favorite is my star wars card, I'm a geek at heart.



Kimberly is generously giving away a birthday party pack, and this week there will be two winners.  The winners will get to choose between the T-Rex Packor the Giraffe Pack.  Each pack includes, 10 invitations, 10 thank you cards, 10 6x8 favor bags, and 12 cupcake toppers.  To win, go "like" the CurlyMae Designs Facebook page, then come back here and leave a comment saying that you've done so.  Winners will be picked on Wednesday!