The First Sweater of Fall--A Dream Come True

The first time I saw this fisherman sweater (I think it may have been here), I was very, very pregnant with this young man.  And I remember thinking to myself, "Someday my little son will wear that sweater."  

Of course, even though he hadn't been born yet, he wasn't wanting for mama-made sweaters.  Also, since this pattern's smallest size was for "2 years" I figured I didn't need to start it right that second.  But it was a pleasant daydream--my little lad out helping me with the chickens in his fisherman sweater.  

Given that, as I was planning out a few fall and winter sweaters for the Kid for this year, this pattern was first on the list.  Unfortunately though, we are getting to the age where certain clothes are controversial.  

After a summer of shorts and sandals, the first pants and socks brought on an all-out tantrum.  A long sleeved t-shirt last weekend earned cries of, "Take it off!  Take it off!"  You can imagine, then, his reaction when I--having just woven in the last stray end--proudly held up this sweater to him one night and said, "Hey buddy, let's try this on!"

Not even making this up, he ran out of the room screaming, "Dada! Dada! Dada!"  (He did not say, "Save me from Mama and her sweater," but it was clearly implied.)  

The next morning, I decided that surprise was the better tactic.  I popped the sweater over his head, and whisked him out to the chickens before he could protest.  

I'll admit that the words "element of surprise" never entered my pre-the-Kid daydream, but, if I may say so, this sweater is just as dashing as I had imagined.