Eating Through Fall

Summer is good with it's basil and tomatoes.  Spring asparagus is a treat.  But, fall might have them both bested as far as good eating is concerned.

This evening, we enjoyed what I'm sure will be the first of many batches of my favorite, spicy squash pasta.  (Continuing with his new trend of pronouncing judgment on dinner each night, the Kid proclaimed it "Yummy Pasta".)  We've also tried a new risotto, this roasted cauliflower and sage number.  (A.K.A. "Yummy Rice"--are you seeing the theme?)  

Then, last night, Sweet Husband made this cinnamon chicken stew that's definitely getting added to the favorites list.  And judging by the rumbling thunder outside my window, tomorrow might be the night for this cauliflower soup.  (I had some like this at a restaurant a few weeks ago and haven't been able to get it off my mind since!)

If all that by itself isn't enough to make you hungry for some hearty fall food, just a few little reminders....

1.  I keep my list of favorite, tried-and-true recipes here.  It's divided up, at least somewhat, by season, and I'm always so excited to eat through the fall and winter list as the leaves start to turn.  (You can also get to it through the "Recipes" button in the sidebar.)

2.  Our "Dinner This Week" pinterest board has continued to work well for meal planning, so I'm keeping it updated.  If you're looking for ideas, I typically update it sometime between Thursday and Saturday each week.

What are you eating and loving now that it's officially fall?

[The winner of the Two Hungry Blackbirds card is Sarah R.  Sarah, I will be in touch!]