Sweatshirt, Corrected

One of my favorite bars/coffee shops has a section on their menu entitled, "Coffee, Corrected".   (And by "corrected" they mean "with a shot of some form of alcohol".)  I realize that it's not original, nor is it really that witty...but it tickles me a little every time I read it.

As I was contemplating this sweatshirt for the Kid--which was 25 cents at a yard sale--those words popped into my head.  It was objectively in good shape with no holes or stains, but it just wasn't my style.  It needed a little correction.

So, armed with a few old t-shirts, I cut out some shapes--a big circle and a star.  The Kid is big into talking about shapes these days, so I thought that would be a hit.  

Ten minutes of messy sewing later--ta da!--a very much corrected sweatshirt.

The first time I put it on him--this time without much protest, thankfully--I remembered how much I love adding to pre-existing clothes.  While it would be wonderful to have the Kid always running around in mama-made duds, I'm not a good enough seamstress to quickly whip out t-shirts and sweatshirts from scratch.  Little projects like this let me get my shot of "handmade" without requiring unrealistic amounts of time and patience.