Craft Hope Project 25 [We Are Kenya]


[Ten hats ready to ship off to "We Are Kenya".  Big hat tip (har-har) to my friend, Heather, who popped up with the last one, just as my stash and patience for knitting-in-the-round was fading.]

Sometimes I think of all the miracles that could happen if we could just link the people with too much stuff to the people with not enough in a timely fashion.  Like, those nights that I make too much food for dinner.  What if--just magically on those evenings that I never know are going to happen in advance--another family that needed dinner could just show up and we could invite them in to share a meal?  Wouldn't that be cool?

Which is, I think, part of why I jumped into this round of Craft Hope so vehemently.  Because it was--in part, at least--knitting hats for kids.  Some kids needed hats, I had a ton of stashed yarn in fun colors, and someone was willing to match us up--there you go, it's awesome-sauce.

Want to get in on the fun?  There's still time.  Craft Hope is not only collecting knitted hats, but also scarves, gloves, stuffed lovies, and reusable sanitary products for children living in the slums of Soweto, Kenya.  While I'm a little late in posting, this project goes until November 15th, so if you have a few hours of crafty time this weekend you could still easily get something in.  The full deets--including where to send your finished goodies--are on the Project 25 page, so be sure and check that out for more info.

Have fun digging into those yarn and fabric stashes, friends!