The Last Peppers?


The first summer that we lived in this house I didn't pick a single pepper until the first day of fall.  If I remember correctly, that was an unusually cold and wet summer--just the opposite of this year, which would explain the difference in pepper crops.

This year, if you will recall, I picked the first peppers on the second day of summer.  And I haven't stopped picking them since.  Once a week or so, I've been going out and picking my three little plants clean.  We're reaching the limit of what I want to dry--we really aren't huge spicy pepper eaters--so this week and last week I decided to roast them and freeze them instead.

To roast them, I've been tossing them with oil and putting them under the broiler until they're mostly blackened.  Directions I've read said to slip off the skins before freezing them, but I've just been pulling off the stems.  Then I put them into our food processor, give them a whiz, and freeze the resulting puree into ice cube trays.  Once they're frozen, the pepper cubes can be transferred to zip-top bags or jars for storage in the freezer.

I think this last batch might be the pepper plants final salvo...but who knows?  At this rate I could still be picking them on the first day of winter.