Pendleton's Butterfly House

IMG_6620Last Saturday morning, the Kid and I ventured out to our local farm-with-extras, Pendleton's, to walk around their butterfly house before they set the butterflies free to fly to Mexico for the winter.

I wasn't sure if the butterflies would hold his attention for long, but I always, myself, forget how cool it is to walk into a room full of butterflies until I take that first step in.  The Kid loved it too, and I think we spent more than a half-an-hour (eons in "toddler time") gently catching butterflies and carefully examining them. 

Well, gently and carefully on my part, but I was quick enough that no butterflies were accidentally harmed by the Kid!


Once we were done with the butterflies, there were some more ordinary fall farm festival-y pursuits to be taken in.  I was (and am) planning to do an all-out trip to the pumpkin patch later this month, but Mr. Pendleton kindly insisted that no little boy could leave without a tractor ride.  The Kid also enjoyed playing in the corn "sand" box, and no outside excursion is complete these days unless we see an airplane.  That day we saw three airplanes and a train, so I'd say it was a success!

[Note:  His tomten sweater, cast on when I was preggers with him, is just a teensy bit big, but close enough to wear this year.  My advice to knitting mamas-to-be, particularly those with "late" babies:  You'll thank yourself mightily if you knit some things to fit later!]