Ingrid, Live

I don't go listen to live music much.  I think I'm, mentally, too old.  Hours of standing, jockeying with the masses to see the performer, getting beer on my clothes, and really, why can't we all just sit down again? 

See, I'm downright crotchety.

I make the occasional exception, however, for people I really, really like.  Hence, last night Sweet Husband and I left the Kiddo with a sitter and made a short trek to see Ingrid Michaelson.  

I go through about 10 year phases with music.  Tori Amos was the goddess of my teens and early twenties, but "Giving Up" is probably the anthem of my life from 25 much as one song can be, anyway.  I've tried to see Ingrid several times, but she's not in this part of the country often and there's always been some sort of impossible conflict.  

We still had to stand and jockey and do all the annoying stuff, but getting to see the acoustic portion of the tour in such a teeny tiny venue, well, it might have been worth the five year wait.  T'was awesome!

What are you all listening to this weekend?

[Also, the winner of the Nest giveaway is Melanie.  Congrats Melanie, and I'll be sending you an email.]