Color Running

For a little silly fun this weekend, Sweet Sister and I participated in the Lawrence Color Run.  Just to make sure everyone is up to speed, the Color Run is among the latest of a series of gimmick-y 5K's, e.g. "Run for Your Lives", The Glow Run, The Warrior Dash.  For the Color Run, volunteers throw powdered "paint" at you as you run, resulting in a very colorful crowd by the end of the race.

Of course, before we could start running, we had to warm up with a mini-cupcake and a pep talk from Coach K.  (The Kid, you'll notice, is sporting the latest of his mama-made creations.  It was made in a similar manner as his star sweatshirt.)

Color run

Then it was off to the starting line.  (I wasn't sure about the socks at first, but then an angsty teenager made fun of us on the way and I knew that we were perfectly costumed!)

We got plenty colorful during the race itself.

But the "color throw" at the end was where we really got coated in rainbow goodness.
IMG_20121006_165641Thanks for joining me, sis!