Tiny Boats (Or Missiles, If You Prefer) From Alphabet Glue


Nice Annie was kind enough to send me a copy of the latest issue of Alphabet Glue.  Along with this issue, which is volume nine, "Glue" has a new, pretty website, where you can see some sample projects and order all the back issues.  If you have a child in your life, it's the bees knees!

Although I love looking through the book lists--all categorized by age and interest level--the Kiddo is often a bit young for most of the projects.  Except that this issue had these sweet little acorn boats that we had to try.

Envisioning an international acorn boat flotilla, I picked up the flags at a local baking shop.  Then, Saturday afternoon, I made the boats while the Kid played with and eventually tried to swallow some extra clay.  (He's getting his last few teeth, so everything is a potential chew toy right now.)  

When the weather dried up a bit on Sunday, we decided to release our tiny boats on a mud puddle at the playground.

As you can see from Great Britain, above, the first launch was successful.


The Swiss and German boats also floated well, but those Italians just couldn't keep their boat upright.

And then, the Kid decided that, if gently placing the boats on the water was fun, throwing them at each other like missiles would be even better!

Again and again, he retrieved the little boats from the water, only to crash them into each other once more.
In the end, my lovely display of international love was bombed from the water, a victim of the first rule of toddler boys--if you can choose between playing and blowing things up, blowing things up always wins!  But even though it didn't quite go like I envisioned--what craft project with a child does, really?--it was most certainly a lot of fun.