Sponsor Saturday: Pail and Pie

A big, hearty "welcome" to this week's featured sponsor, Pail and Pie.  Pail and Pie is a little jewel of an Etsy shop full of hand made creations by Brenda, a mama and crafter.  Brenda recently answered these questions from me.

Me: So you have two small sons and a husband--what's it like making time and space to craft in a house with that many boys?

Brenda: The thing I love most about knitting is how mobile it is. It is so easy to take my knitting with me on our frequent camping trips. My knit stacking and nesting blocks were made on a beautiful trip to a state park in Alabama. Even just at home, I can take my knitting outdoors while my boys explore. I love to be outside knitting while my boys are playing.  Cooking dinner isn't such a chore anymore because I can knit while I wait for something in the oven. Knitting meshes so well in my life because I can be literally anywhere while I create things. It is confirmed, knitters sneak in moments!

Me: But from looking through your shop, I can really tell that your boys influence your crafting choices--balls for throwing, a hand-knitted fossil kit, inspired by your youngest son's love of dinosaurs. What made you decide to transition between crafting just for them and starting your own Etsy shop?

Brenda: I have this passionate constant desire to make things. I cannot stop it. I have quilts I made on our couches and beds, a wood table the boys and I just finished for enjoying fresh air while schooling, watercolor paintings I made grace our walls, and of course knit toys, hats, and mittens. Pail and Pie has become a really great outlet for that energy. By no means is everything I try to make a gem, but I really get a lot out of the process. My blog shows off some of our fun successes.

Me: I can't decide if my favorite item is that fossil kit or your personalized felt banner. (I'm a little nuts about cute banners, I'm afraid!) What is your favorite item in your shop?

Brenda: It's so hard to choose a favorite item because each item in my shop is so personal. I remember dying that first "summer sky" silk or learning to knit in the round with those exact knit balls shown. I suppose today I would choose the knit trilobites and ammonite as my favorites. My boys have named there trilobites Riley and Triley. It's so sweet to see them make homes for them and carry them around.

Me: Lastly, are there any new projects that you're in the process of dreaming up for Pail and Pie?

Brenda: Of course. I'm clearly just in the very beginning of this wave and I'm really enjoying it. Honestly, I cannot stop. I have to make and keep my hands busy and my boys always create inspiration. My list is long but I need to make sure I spend enough time each day living in the moment with my boys. I'm learning this delicate balance. Currently, I'm working on making a knitted pencil case for their colored pencils and I'm thinking our wool felt T-rex might move from "home" status to the Pail and Pie shop.


Today, Brenda is generously giving away a $15 gift certificate to Pail and Pie.  To win, go visit the shop and come back and leave a comment about your favorite item.  As usual, a winner will be chosen on Wednesday.