The Garden Clean-Up (And What's Left)

Sunday morning, the fellas took the Kid's tricycle for a spin around the block, while the ladies and I started the garden clean-up.

I know that I write a blog about it and all, but really I'm not the world's greatest gardener.  I have much more enthusiasm than skill, and as such, I believe this is the first year we've still been harvesting veggies into the fall.  It's just a little arugula and some broccoli rabb--"It's a leaf!" giggled the Kid, as I presented the broccoli on his dinner plate this evening--but it feels like a small accomplishment to have made it through scorching August with a few things still thriving.  (I also left a few tee-pees of hyacinth beans, just because they're still so pretty.)

And, of course, there was one last, last harvest of peppers.  I half wanted to leave the plants, just to see if I couldn't keep them going until Christmas.  But my desire to plant garlic in that particular bed ended up winning out, and the uprooted pepper plants are now rotting away in the compost pile.

The garlic will be planted next weekend, barring bad weather.  I was going to stick it straight into the ground, as I uprooted the peppers and tomatoes, but decided to be lazy and give the ladies a week to work over the garden beds first.

Speaking of the ladies, goodness are they happier now that we're back to a rooster-less state.  Little Adele (bottom chicken picture) is getting almost friendly now that she doesn't have to constantly watch her back.  

Lastly, my little mason bee house fell apart, but I saved the pieces with bee eggs in them.  My plan is to keep them safely in our shed for the winter and put them outside again in th spring time.