Procrastinatory Knitting

I've developed an unofficial rule of doing one BIG knitted item for Christmas giving.  I still do lots of little bits here and there, but--for my sanity's sake--only one person each year gets a sweater, for instance.

This year's sweater is not nearly as far along as I would like it to be, considering that next week is Halloween.  You can see it in the bottom picture there, just barely begun, really, less than one skein (of sixteen!) in.

The problem is that I keep getting diverted into other little projects.  Cowls, tiny hats (such as the one up top there)....basically anything that is not the sweater.  It's not that I don't like the sweater.  Quite the contrary, actually.  It's just that I haven't yet reached the absolute, point-of-no-return, must-start-in-earnest-or-it-won't-get-done point.

Even though the end result will be the same--a few weeks of frenzied knitting at the beginning of December--productive procrastination somehow feels more virtuous than the other kind.