More Bedtime Conversation With the Kid

[This picture is from several months ago.  But just picture the Kid older and bigger.]

Earlier this week.....

The Kid:  Mama hold you.  [Translation: "Mama, hold me."  He's not quite there on the difference between "I" and "you" and "me".]

Me:  [Nestling up to spoon around him]  Can we just cuddle instead?

The Kid:  [Settling into the crook of my tummy, and turning his head around to ask] This is cuddle?

Me:  Yup, this is cuddle.....Do you like to cuddle?

The Kid:  [After thoughtfully considering it for a moment.]  Yeeeaaah.

Happy weekend friends!

[The winner of the Pail and Pie giveaway is Pamela!  Pamela, I'll be sending you an email.]