And Then We Carved a Pumpkin

Actually, let me rephrase that.  Sweet Husband cut off the top.  The Kid stuck one tiny hand inside, felt the cold goo, and promptly said, "I wanna swing s'more."  So, once again, I carved the pumpkin.

Both of my fellas were appreciative in their own ways.  Sweet Husband admitted that I carved a very nice face, and the Kiddo carefully crawled up to peek inside once it got dark and we lit Mr. Pumpkin-Face up.

But you know who really got a kick out of pumpkin carving?  The ladies.

I took my bowl of pumpkin goo and seeds around to them when I was done, and it made their little chicken night.  The stringy, orange goo was fun, but then Gladys and Tori discovered that I was holding back the seeds.

While my older girls are generally friendly, apparently they're really friendly if you have pumpkin seeds.  I was trying to save as many seeds as I could for roasting, but--strange as it may sound--when a chicken is practically cuddling up to your leg in hopes of a treat, it's hard to say no.

In the end, the chickens got far more than I had planned, but we had a few nice handfuls to roast, too, so all was well.

[Also, I wanted to mention two things....

1. The box of leaves from a few weeks ago?  Arrived safely.  And oh my goodness are the pictures fun!

2.  Melanie also got a box of goodies in the mail--from the Nest giveaway--go see!]