Happy Halloween from Pete the Cat!

"Pete and his friends are playing outside, on a green, grassy field with swings and tall slides.  

Where is Pete?  

The Playground!  

Kids are running in every direction.  

Does Pete worry?  Goodness no!  He slides and swings and sings his song:  

I'm playing in my school shoes!  I'm playing in my school shoes!  I'm playing in my school shoes!"


Unless you have a pre-schooler, you probably have no idea.  That's OK, the Kid knows that he's Pete the Cat, the star of his very favorite series of books.  Well, at least, I think he sorta-kinda gets the idea.

Props to his Manga for the yellow shirt with four, big, round, colorful, groovy buttons.  I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but it's pretty awesome all put together.  Particularly with the little tail stickin' out in back!

Happy Halloween everyone!