Halloween Optimism

I was downstairs baking some cookies as Sweet Husband was putting the Kid to bed tonight.  I didn't hear the entire conversation, just two snippets from the Kid.

"I had fun twick'o'tweatin'."

"[Kid] and Dada are tired now."

Had fun.  Tired now.  I think those are marks of a pretty good day.  Top it off with a few pieces of candy--a rare, new, and wonderful thing, as far as the Kid is concerned--and I think he went to bed happy.

In truth, it was a bit of a sad day for me.  The Kid begins a new school on Monday, and this was his last day at the old school.  The back-and-forth of the decision would only bore you.  Suffice to say, we had the choice between two awesome schools, and ended up deciding to switch him only because he will be able to stay in the new school longer without aging out.

I think we made the right choice, but that does not change the fact that I have been madly in love with his old school.  Or that we're moving him away from teachers and small friends who have been part of his life since before he could crawl.  Or that--in even bigger picture considerations--this is just one more step to my baby growing up.

Based on prior experience, I'm also afraid that the next few weeks of transition are not going to be fun or easy on the Kid or his mama.  Soon enough the new teachers will love him, and he'll love them right back.  He'll make new friends.  I know it will all be good eventually....just not, perhaps, right away.

But, to borrow a bit of optimism from my son, we had fun at his party and trick or treating.  We're going to have more fun hanging out together over the next couple of "in-between" days.  And I have a lovely warm bed...which I think I shall go crawl into now.