Chicken and Scraps


Threw together an amazing chicken breast-y dinner the other night.  The chicken was bought on purpose, but the rest was all leftovers and scraps.  I love those dinners when they turn out well.  It makes me feel all thrifty and stuff.

Very loosely, I marinated the chicken in the last dregs of a jar of mustard mixed with olive oil.  After letting it soak for ten or fifteen minutes, I seared the breasts in a pan, and popped them in the oven until they were done.

Meanwhile, I picked the last of the broccoli rabb from the garden and blanched it.  Then, with a little olive oil in the pan, I carmelized half a leftover onion.  When the onions were starting to get brown, I added in the broccoli to heat it back up.  Then I added a few tablespoons of vinegar, and tossed everything together.

I put a scoop of the broccoli mixture on each plate, topped it with a chicken breast, and sprinkled on a small handful of roasted (with smokey paprika) pumpkin seeds from our jack'o'lantern.

The only reason we aren't going to be eating this meal every day next week is that the wee cabbage worms have finally made the broccoli rabb inedible.  (I may have accidentally boiled a few of their friends alive, so we're even-steven.)


Couple of tidbits....

Habit has once again opened their flickr pool for the month of November.  I love that space so much that I've been anticipating contributing for what feels like all of October.  Here's the official Habit flickr pool, and here's where my set of photos will be.

Additionally, speaking of the broccoli rabb, MBE sponsor, Cubits, is having a Farmraiser.  You can get the full details on the Cubits Organic Living blog, but essentially Laura and her family are buying a farm and using a bit of crowdfunding to help.  In these days of massive, scary seed companies, the Cubits folks just make my heart all warm and fuzzy.  If you're a gardener (or if you have one on your Christmas list!) head on over and give them a hand!