We Ate Food and Took Pictures

I'm not sure why, but a few months ago when I was planning it, it seemed vitally important that we visit our hometown at the end of October.  We'll be back for at least some part of the holidays, so it wasn't a "we need to see everyone" visit.  I think I was imagining that we'd take the Kid on another round of trick-or-treating, maybe?

At any rate, we made a very quick trip this weekend.  We did not trick-or-treat again--the Kid and I both were pretty "over" that.  But we did take the opportunity to get the Kid a haircut, from my old stylist, who is perhaps the only person I will trust near his head with scissors.  (At least, until he learns to sit still a little.) 

And then we ate some food.

If you've moved away from home you'll understand.  It's not that the food in our hometown is particularly incredible or special, but it's where we grew up eating and that gives it an amazing flavor all its own.  It's like being wrapped up in a quilt and being handed a hot toddy after playing in the leaves on a cold evening.  Deliciously comforting.

The rundown?  A big plate of classic spaghetti and meatballs Friday night.  Sub sandwiches, from the deli I worked at for years, for lunch on Saturday.  And then dinner made by the Kiddo's Awesome Auntie Saturday night, with warm brownies for dessert.  (Actually, that last one was pretty objectively tasty.  I think we're going to try to recreate it for dinner this week, in fact.  The chicken, not the brownies.)

In between all the eating, I also managed to round people up in color coordinated clothes for some family pictures.

More or less, not too bad.  The Kid isn't looking at the camera in the whole family shot, but as I was doing the self-timer/tripod thing, I'll take what I can get.  (Also, thanks to Sweet Sister and Sweet Husband for photographing a few of these so that I could be in them without dashing in from behind the tripod!)

Of course, we could have done these at Thanksgiving, but with all the different holiday schedules to be accommodated, it was less likely to actually happen then.  And the last time we all had a family picture together Sweet Sister was in grade school and the Kid was not even a thought.  While it may not have been crystal clear from the beginning, I think this weekend's visit may have had an important purpose after all.