A Bit of Joy for Your Wednesday

I can tell my world has changed a bit since the last election.  In 2008, we were sloshing champagne for most of the night.  Last night I was cuddling up in bed with the Kiddo at eight.  I meant to make it back downstairs to watch the results roll in, but the bed was so dark and nice and warm that it just never happened.  

Elections are important, of course, but the smaller, every day bits of the world are pretty important too.  Comfy pj's, a down comforter, a snugly, sleepy, blond, beloved child...that beats a lot.  

Another joyful-but-small bit?  This weekend, I took some "one year" pictures of my friend's baby girl.  We hit the timing just right and the light was just incredible.  Chasing her around with my camera as she toddled and tumbled and laughed at her mom and dad and big brother quite honestly made my ovaries tingle a bit, as they say.  Not in an achy way, but rather, hopefully.

In any event, whether your candidate won or lost, I hope these make you smile a bit this morning.