A Quick Errand




"I wanna run quick errand," the Kid declared, as we were finishing dinner this evening.

"OK, where do you want to go?" I asked, amused that he was parroting my phrasing.  (Even if we have ten stops to make, it's always "a quick errand".  I find that I get more cooperation when I advertise it that way.)

"I wanna put new shoes on and run quick errand!" he repeated, this time a little more frustrated.  As if to make his point, he found his shoes and began attempting to put them on.

After the mandatory cries about the shoes being "too tight, really too tight"--which gets said about every article of clothing he owns these days--he looked up and insisted a third time, "I wanna run quick errand!"

Sweet Husband and I looked at each other, a bit puzzled about where we could go that would satisfy the Kid.  It was a bit late for a walk, and we didn't need anything from the store.  I finally mouthed quietly, "C-U-P-C-A-K-E-S's".  Sweet Husband shrugged, "Sure."

"Would cupcakes be a good errand, buddy?"  Sweet Husband asked.

"YEAH!" the Kid shrieked, hardly believing his luck.

As we piled into the car, Sweet Husband turned to me and said, "I think we just got tricked."  I nodded and clucked sadly in agreement.

But in truth, I really wanted a cupcake too, so I'm glad the Kid gave me an opening to suggest it.