Drinks at Noon Over Snowflakes

I knew we were in for it when, at 5:30 this morning, the Kid woke up and asked for milk.  It was most definitely my turn, so I started sitting up and rubbing my eyes.  Ordinarily, this show of movement is enough to get me a few seconds to shake the fuzzies out of my brain and hit the potty, but not this morning.  This morning, the Kid melted into a puddle on the floor, "I wanna need some milk!  I wanna need some milk!"

And so things went, until 7:30, when the Kid could no longer stand it that his dada was still sleeping, and insisted on going in to wake him.  I got a sincere, but unearned, "thanks" for letting Sweet Husband "sleep-in", and we jointly decided that it would be a good day to go out for breakfast.

I was hoping that things would look up once we were all fed, but apparently biscuits and gravy are not really a cure for everything.  We played, we read books, we tried to watch Christmas cartoons--the child was having none of it.  My patience was getting a titch thin, so I escaped to the basement to dig out decorations while Sweet Husband stalwartly held the line.

Finally, right about noon, I heard quiet.  I sat down at the dining room table with a couple of junk mail catalogs to cut out some paper snowflakes.  Sweet Husband came downstairs a few minutes later, having successfully gotten the Kid to sleep only by promising that they would go to the park when he woke up.  I winced for him at that--it was in the thirties and rainy all day here, really yucky out--but Sweet Husband seemed to think that a nap was worth any cost.

As he peeked in the fridge for something to nibble on, I saw him take a hard look at the the beer inside.  I cocked an eyebrow, "I wouldn't say no to a glass of wine right now.  It is technically afternoon.  You wanna help me make snowflakes?"

So we had a drink and made some snowflakes.  Mine very traditional.  Sweet Husband's more experimental.  Enough to hang a few in every window of the house for the coming season.

And thankfully the Kid that woke up a few hours later was our sweet baby again.  

(Although he hadn't forgotten about the park!)