Really Early Elving

I took advantage of a day off today to get some early Christmas making started.  The weather got cold this weekend, and all of a sudden I'm feeling some early nips of holiday spirit.

My first project was some fabric letters to stuff in the Kiddo's stocking.  I loosely followed these directions, except I left out the magnets because the Kid is a bit young for them.  I used scrap fabric and even a few of the Kid's old t-shirts, as you can see.  

(Also, a little tip if you find yourself in need of batting for small projects like this, old dish towels work great.  Since they're tucked inside, even if they're a little stained it doesn't matter.)

Sweet Husband is currently collecting cigar boxes for a holiday project of his own, so I stole one to tuck my letters into.  It took a few days airing to get rid of the cigar smell, but they're too perfect for wrapping up little things like this.  I modge podged alphabet stickers onto this particular one to reflect the contents.

The second project of the day was some homemade play-dough.  Here's the recipe I used.  It was so easy to make, I can't believe anyone buys the stuff.  Truly, half an hour tops, including a sink full of non-related dishes.  And there was something quite mad-science-project about the way it finally glopped together in the pan as I stirred.

My plan is to box the play-dough up with a few tools and an apron, handmade by the lovely Stephinie of Gypsy Forest.  (Because if you can't make it yourself, buying handmade is a good second choice.) It's going to be the Kid's "to read" gift this year.  (I'm interpreting "read" loosely to mean "generally, sort-of educational", and I figure we can make letters and shapes with the dough.)

Has anyone else started making for the holidays?