Pre-Dinner Entertainment

No, he's not actually washing the dishes.  

But, over the last few nights, we've found that a little soap and water, and a few cups and spoons to scoop and pour with, makes cooking dinner a breeze.  A little gets splashed on the counter, but not nearly as much as you might think.  

It's filled a gap in what can sometimes be a hard time of the day for the Kid.  Sweet Husband and I both like to be in the kitchen, catching up on the other's day.  Dinner isn't ready to eat yet--and we don't want to have snacks to spoil it--but everyone is hungry.  And it's hard to "wait" and "be patient" when you're little.  

The couple of swipes with a towel needed to clean up after him are well worth the peace.  It's almost as cool as if we had actually taught him to wash the dishes.