Perspective on Husbands

I am madly in love with my husband, but he has horrible teeth.  When I go to the dentist, our hygienist and I spend the whole time talking about his problems.  And when he goes to the dentist I hold my breath until he checks-in after to let me know how much work he needs to go back for.

This morning, I had a particularly harrowing time dropping the Kid off at New School.  (Second week is not going as well as the first, unfortunately.)  So I had actually forgotten about Sweet Husband going to the dentist--and the possible ramifications thereof--until I got the call.  

It was not a good call.  Multiple crowns and fillings.  Enough that they suggested breaking it up over the new year so that we don't hit our insurance cap, even though we'll still be paying a significant amount out-of-pocket.  It instantly made me think that I need to add "bad teeth" to the list of Sweet Husband's flaws I've been keeping in my head.

I know that sounds horrible and petty and small--who consciously keeps a list of someone else's flaws?  It certainly wouldn't seem to be good for a healthy marriage.  But it's actually a very positive thing, if you'll hear me out.  Because here is the list so far:

  1. He leaves the lint on top of the dryer after he cleans the lint trap.
  2. His bottles never make it into the recycling bin.  He always forgets and leaves them on the counter.
  3. When he takes off his jeans at night, he leaves them on the floor and doesn't empty the pockets.
  4. He doesn't wipe off the counter or table after he does the dishes.

And, now, 5.  Bad teeth.

But--here's the positive part--those are the most horrible things I can think of about him.  I'm not even exaggerating, that's as bad as it gets.  And if that's the worst of it, well then, I'm awfully lucky.  Particularly when I start numbering my own flaws--for example, I never clean the lint trap to begin with, I over-share horrifically when I've had a few glasses of wine, and I have the exact opposite of whatever "the patience of a saint" may be.

Yes indeed, given proper perspective--dental bills included--I do believe my husband is a pretty good one and everything is going to work out just fine.