Enjoying the Habit Pool


"November 15th.  His first words this morning were, "I did drink hot chocolate yesterday!" If every bit of the holidays makes him that happy, it's going to be a wonderful December."

Each year in November, habit--a mostly photography blog that I dearly love--opens up its flickr pool for anyone to submit photos.  This is the second year I've been playing along.  The rules are one photo and thirty words or less for the caption, which can be related to the photo or not related.  

I haven't been quite as good as I was last year at posting every day--and I've had to resort to Instagram more than I would like, to be honest--but on the days that I do it, it always makes me feel peaceful.  Just the act of stopping and noticing for a few minutes...well, it's nice.

Here's my set so far, if you're interested.  And if you're photo-minded, there's still lots of time to jump in if you feel like it!