Isola's Letter Writing Club: Making Mail Boxes Magical (With a Card Exchange!)


We have this incredibly cool old mailbox in the building where I work.  The building used to be a hotel, so the lobby is beautiful to begin with.  And then we have this golden letter box.  

I don't know if you can see it well in that second picture, but there's a chute that comes out the top of it and goes up all the way to the tenth floor.  So you could drop mail in from any floor and listen to it fall all the way down to the lobby.  (I had been warned not to use it, because mail would get stuck.  I used it all the time anyway, and only had a problem once!)  

I was very sad when, late last month, our magic post box stopped being an official mail pick-up site.  I understand the reasons--there are lots of others in our area, need to consolidate, etc.--but still, I wish this little box could have continued to operate.  I miss the silly moment of joy I got whenever I slipped a letter inside.

However, I think any mailbox gets a bit magical in December.  And to make all of our mailboxes even more so, I propose a holiday card exchange!

Whether you've played along with the Isola group so far or not, you are most welcome to join.  Just email me your name and address (to by December 1st.  (And for you Isola people, if you want to join, please re-send that information.  I know some people have moved and such, so I want an updated list.)  I anticipate that there will be between 20 and 30 people, so that's 20-30 cards to send and 20-30 that you should receive in return.  Enough to flood you with magical holiday mail!