Thanksgiving Recap

I enjoy Thanksgiving, but I'm one of those people who's always chomping at the bit for Christmas.  I know the Thanksgiving die-hards will hate me for it, but, while turkey feeds my tummy, Christmas lights feed my soul.

Nonetheless, for the sake of posterity....

The Kid enjoyed some turkey this year, but he enjoyed making his Awesome Auntie play "Wheels on the Bus" on the piano "one more time" better than any of the food.  Including the spoonful of whipped cream she just couldn't get him to try.

The Kid also took the opportunity to further idolize his older cousin, although he more-or-less played nicely with his similar-age cousins too.  And, speaking of cousins, we learned that a new one on the way is of the "blue" flavor.  This cake cutting/gender reveal trend is too much fun!

On the food front, I made Marisa's pickled onions, to great success.  Sweet Husband and Nice-Father-In-Law smoked our beautiful bird, and we're planning to enjoy the leftovers all week.  I also made off with about half a pan of my mom's stuffing.  I have the recipe, but hers is still better.  I think our bread is too fancy--it needs the stuff from the bakery down there.

Maybe stuffing and Christmas lights both feed my soul.