Hanging the Memories on the Tree


I got a little sappy whilst trimming our tree this year.  

I know there are people who do match-y, themed Christmas trees, but that's never been for me.  Our tree would always feel a bit soul-less without the hodge-podge of ornaments and slightly chewed on garland.  (One word: Moe.)

As Sweet Husband noted, we don't have a single "filler" ball or bauble.  Each ornament means something.  Which, incidentally, is sometimes a bit overwhelming when I forget and dive pell-mell into our box.

And get hit with ornaments that are as old as I am, bought by my mom for our first Christmas in my parents shabby little Chicago apartment....and ornaments that remind me of family members no longer with us....and ornaments that are little talismins of joy.

But then, before I could get too sentimental, the Kid pulled a (thankfully, sturdy) ball out of the box and decided it was time to practice his victory spike.  Nothing like these little fellas to pull you back to the present quickly, yes?