The Second Annual Old-Fashioned Horse-Drawn Christmas Parade Watching Party


We had about the busiest weekend in recent memory--three parties, my goodness!  

It just so happened that the Lawrence horse-drawn parade landed on the same weekend as our pre-planned tamale making party, as well as a friend's birthday.  It was a bit chaotic, but, as I told people, at least we only had to clean the house just-the-once.

But first things first, the horse parade!  In light of the busy weekend, we kept it simple--doughnuts from a local bakery, hot chocolate with fixings, and hot pear brandy drinks.  (From our home-infused brandy.)

In that wonderful way that things sometimes work out--even though it was a random, open-house sort of party--everyone ended up having some sort of connection to everyone else.  (It always makes it so much easier when that happens, yes?)

And then, after just the right amount of mingling and tossing my outdoor, plastic Christmas baubles--a game that ended up something like basketball--we saw the lights from the parade's police escort, and before we knew it--as the Kid said--"The horses are coming!"  

Due to some sort of gear malfunction, Santa himself was even stalled in front of us for several minutes, much to the children's delight.  Am I allowed to pretend that I planned that? ;)