On the Santa Twaus Twain

I'm making Sweet Husband cwazy...ahem, crazy, with my imitations of the Kid's lisp, but I can't seem to help myself.  Even though he doesn't understand anything about presents or cookies and milk, the Kid is really into the jolly, fat man this year.  As I am also one of Santa's biggest fans--in all the pure, non-commercial ways--the two of us are having a magical time chatting and singing about him.  Long live Santa Twaus, I say!

Given the Kid's other love of things that go, this weekend, I got us tickets for a local Santa Claus train ride.  I was afraid the Kid might be a little scared of the up-close train, or Santa, or both.  Other than a suspicious look at Mrs. Claus, however, he did great.  While the train ride could have been a teensy bit shorter--it was chilly--we had cookies and hot chocolate and even carolers to entertain us as we steamed through the countryside.

Today, the Kid kept asking when we're going to see Santa again.  I hadn't planned on it, but we may have to come up with some excuse--having a toddler at Christmas-time is turning out to be too much fun.