Pecking Away at My Typewriter

On a thrifting trip ages ago, I mentioned to my mom and sister that I was looking for an old-fashioned typewriter.  While I did come across a few in my flea market travels between then and now, I never could quite justify buying such an impractical (but so fun!) toy for myself.

So I was quite happy when, for my birthday last month, my mom and sister presented me with this ancient Remington, all neatly packed in its case with a bow on top.

Last weekend, the Kid took a longer than usual nap, and I was able to pull it out to make some labels for the Christmas granola we made for our friends.  I'm pretty sure I spelled "ingredients" wrong on every single one--no spell check, and I was having too much fun to get up and do it the old-fashioned way--and, of course, I made all sorts of little typos.  But I couldn't help but feel that's part of the charm of the thing.

I won't be using it to write my first novel, but I believe I may attempt to type the addresses for my Christmas cards.  And, while it's still a bit off, some typewritten Valentines sound like great fun too.  For something so silly and "impractical" I can see my little typewriter getting some use over the next year.

[P.S.  The granola recipe.  I used pepitas, walnuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and cranberries.]