Remember the cherry bourbon from last summer?  The other night Sweet Husband tromped up from the basement with the bottle in hand, "This says to open 'Christmas 2012'--is it close enough to Christmas to try some?"

Sweet Husband, taking a sip: "This is almost dangerously smooth."

Me, stealing the glass: "Ohmigod, this is sooo good!"

A leftover bottle of orange bitters in the fridge sealed the deal.  

I believe it's something like an Old-Fashioned.  We've been shaking the cherry bourbon, a glug of bitters, and a splash of water in a mason jar over ice.  Then the concoction gets strained into a pretty glass, with a twist of tangerine peel if we're feeling especially festive.

The only point of contention about the bourbon is if we should share our one precious bottle with friends, or selfishly keep it all for ourselves.  (Three words:  New Year's Eve!)  Next year I plan to solve this dilemma by making enough when cherries are in season to share with wild abandon.