Isola's Letter Writing Club: Merry Ends


Today is the last official letter writing day for all of you dear "Isola" members.  And since I got them in the mail last weekend, it seemed an appropriate day to share this year's fun, silly Christmas card, as well.  (It was an exciting photo shoot, let me tell you!)

I've loved getting letters from my Nice Pen-pal, but I had the darnedest time responding in a timely manner.  For about the first six letters I apologized profusely, but it got to a point where I was embarrassed to apologize even.  It wasn't that I minded writing back, I just found that it was very hard for me to sit down and write on a schedule.

Just because I'm curious--for those of you who participated in the letter writing club--how did it go?  Were you able to keep up with your correspondence?  Or was it a struggle?  Will you and your pen-pal continue to write?