Holiday Handmades Part One :: Some Little Knitted Things




To dodge more controversial conversation around the holiday table, a cousin brought up "The Hobbit" movie.  It was a good ploy, because the talk immediately turned from outrage at the state of politics in America to outrage at the silliness of making a 250 page book into three movies.  

Alas, this evening I find myself sympathizing with Peter Jackson.  I have all of these little projects to share and only the time between now and New Year's (which I think is the absolute max cut-off date for the holidays) to do it in.  

So let's start this trilogy, shall we?  First up, some of my favorite smaller knitted goodies.

Up top, my new favorite cowl.  I randomly picked this "Honey Cowl" pattern as a quick fix for a friend who needed a gift, and it will be a long time before I make a cowl from another pattern.  It was super quick, and it has the perfect weight to it.  A little structure, but not stiff.  Not too big, but not skimpy, either.  Truly, it might be the perfect cowl.

In the middle, some baby socks for a small cousin.  Again, I discovered this "Super Quick Baby Socks" pattern through a random, last minute Ravelry pattern search.  They knitted up in an afternoon--and an afternoon spent entertaining a toddler, at that.  They're super cute, but I think they'd be even cuter with some stitching on the front.  (I need to practice that more before I can bust it out on December 23rd...something to work towards for next year, yes?)

Last, a set of humble dishcloths, made less so by the fact that they were exactly what my mother requested a few months ago.  Another good point?  They were easy enough that Sweet Husband could put in an oar to help knit a few.  I picked a simple pattern specifically so that he could help, in fact.  As it turns out, he had me fooled about his "beginner" knitting skills, but we'll save that story for part two.