Holiday Handmades Part Two :: Made By Others





I'm not going to lie, I love getting presents.  Also, I have clever, crafty friends and family, which means that--in addition to dishing out lots of handmade goodies during the holidays--I also am the happy recipient of many, as well.  It makes me feel so darned cozy and loved.  From top to bottom....

....A nifty, little shadowbox for keeping track of the family, made by a cousin--the hearts are stuck where family members live.  We haven't figured out where to put it yet, but I can already tell you that the Kid is going to love memorizing which heart stands for which people.

....A reversible, toddler-sized apron, made by the lovely Stephinie.  I got it specifically to wrap up with the Kid's play-dough, but I'm really looking forward to using it to help minimize the water-on-clothes when the Kid "washes the dishes".

....An infinity scarf from my Nice Carpool Friend.  One of those things that would be so lovely and warm to make for myself, if I could ever get around to it.  But, of course, I rarely do, which makes it doubly nice when someone else makes one for me.

....A charm bracelet from the Kid, with help from his Dada.  Such a smart idea, really--the plan is that, as the Kid gets older, he can help Sweet Husband pick out what charms to make for Mother's Day, my birthday, Christmas, etc.

....Ohhh, I think this one might be my favorite!  Because, you see, when I first opened it, I would have sworn that my husband recruited one of my knitter friends to make it.  But, nope--he did it all by himself!  Largely in spare moments in the dentist's chair, I'm afraid, but at least the time was put to good use, right?

....But then again, that last one could be my favorite too.  The Kiddo's school prefers sleeping bags for nap time, because that way the kids can easily learn to make their own beds.  I had been meaning to put one together for the Kid, but, again, hadn't made the time.  But the Kid's Awesome Auntie came to the rescue, and made him this cozy, flannel sleep sack, complete with the Kid's favorite planes and trains on the outside.

Tomorrow, the big one!