Sponsor Saturday: Maya and Ruhi

A big welcome to this week's featured sponsor, Maya and Ruhi, an Etsy shop full of beautiful jewelry.  Pearl, the creator behind Maya and Ruhi, recently answered the following questions from me.

Me: Your shop is named after your daughters Maya and Ruhi--such beautiful names, by the way--in a few words, can you tell us about them?

Pearl: Maya is 13 this year, and is a happy-go-lucky girl. She loves school and her friends, and is always known as The Smiley One. Ruhi, who is 8, is, on the other hand, a complete Drama Queen - headstrong and determined, but easily frustrated and super-emotional. But she is also very, very sweet, and is so, so generous with hugs and kisses. :)

Me: Originally from Singapore, you now live in one of my favorite cities in the world--London. (I'm a total Anglophile!) How do the places you've lived influence your jewelry?

Pearl: I grew up in Singapore, where the arts and craft is not a very appreciated thing. But the multiculturalism is Singapore such a hot-pot for inspiration. It is a pity that handmade is not bigger there. Living in London somewhat makes me feel "at home" because of her thriving arts and craft scene. There is a culture here that is yet to be in Singapore. As for influence in my jewelry, I tend to find it in the books I read and the things I see. Most of them, in museums or art history books. For museum-inspiration, there is no place like London!

Me: As you know, the moment I saw your shop, I fell head-over-heels for those gorgeous rainbow earrings. What is your favorite of the pieces you create?

Pearl: Ooh, I do like this rainbow hoops too! But I think my favourite has got to be the Klimt earrings. I am so in love with Gustav Klimt's work, and the Klimt earrings are my humble tribute.

Me: Are you hatching-up anything new for the holidays? Or just hoping to enjoy the season with family?

Pearl: Every year, I tell myself, "next year, I will be more ready for the season". And it just never happens. November seems a tad early to gear up, but before you know it December creeps up on you, and that's it! Last orders for stuff to arrive in time for Christmas is the Dec 10th for international orders. And then I have to get down with Christmas shopping and leaving for Dubai, where my husband's family is. We are so excited about having a warm Christmas! :) 


Pearl has generously agreed to giveaway a set of her gorgeous rainbow hoops.  To win, visit Maya and Ruhi, come back here, and leave a comment about your favorite item.  I'll pick a winner on Thursday, to give everyone additional time because of the holiday.