Fall Family Photos [And One Belated Pirate Captain]

When a few friends asked me if I was still planning to do holiday photos this year, I paused a little.  I love doing them--love seeing everyone and catching up, as much as anything--but it can be a little...um, athletic.  You're up, you're down, you're balancing on the tippy-top of a step-stool teetering on uneven ground.  While I am a daring bender of the pregnancy rules (I'll stop eating sushi when you stop eating McDonald's), I'm a profound klutz even while not gestating, so trying to take family photos 2 weeks before my due date seemed kinda dangerous.

I ultimately decided that I could make it work, but I needed to be on-the-ball and get everyone finished-up early this year, by the end of October.  With the help of my lovely friends, I did just that.

Without further ado, six beautiful families and one kick-ass (Halloween) pirate captain.

Family Photos-002


Family Photos-003

Family Photos

Family Photos-001
Carl small

Carl small-001