A Pair of Snowy, Quiet Days


Ohhh, my little Scandinavian-looking man-ling!

We had a small trip planned for yesterday, but decided not to venture it once the snow started falling.  Instead, we got a much-needed day in our pajamas, with a late afternoon walk in the snow as the only excitement.  This time the Kid insisted on pulling the sled, rather than riding on it, until his hands got cold and he decided it was time to be carried.  (Little bugger refuses to wear mittens--it irritates his mama to no end!)

Our lazy day was followed by a pleasant New Year's Eve with friends, which was--in turn--followed by mini-German pancakes with blueberry ginger jam for breakfast and several pots of hot coffee.  We are now having another day in pajamas--partly due to a small plumbing problem, but no matter--which will be followed by more eating with friends.

And people ask me why I love snow....