Our Holiday Houseguests Depart

A few weeks before Christmas, on the sign-up board outside the Kiddo's classroom, there was a note from the Kid's teacher asking that two families volunteer to take home the class pets over the holidays.  While Sweet Husband would have much preferred the hissing cockroaches, I opted for the anoles.

I've taken care of a lot of animals in my life, but if I've ever had lizards I can't remember it.  As we quickly discovered, though, keeping them alive is really just about keeping the crickets that they eat alive.  And that was easy enough, so.

The only excitement was that, for about 24 hours this past weekend, we thought one had escaped.  Fortunately he (she?) was just hiding well.  (I'm not silly about snakes and similar critters, but I'll admit that the thought of a little lizard crawling into bed with me at night was not a happy one.)

In any event, with the end of the winter break, the anoles will be going back to their home in the Kid's classroom tomorrow.  While I don't think I would be interested in having pet lizards permanently, they were very interesting holiday guests.