My Winterwoods + a Plea For Quilting Assistance


In the first days of winter, when my little stretch of vacation had started and my Christmas knitting was done, I took some time to finally finish up my Winterwoods sampler.  (Check out the explanation of the stitch-along and the flickr group of all the pretty finished ones.)

Perhaps it was that I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey as I worked, but cross-stitching makes me feel very Jane Austen-y.  I hadn't done it in ages, but this made me want to do more.  Something about slipping the thread back and forth is soothing to me.  And, although knitting is my true love, I see that stitching could make a nice change every now and then.

I'm thinking of starting this summer-y pattern from Alicia to replace my Winterwoods on the wall as the seasons change.  I could also see the fun in coming up with your own patterns.  I'm tickling with something Valentine-y as we speak, actually.  If it comes to anything I may share it here.

But while we're planning not-knitting projects, if there are any quilters out there, I could use some help.  Getting a jump on my New Year's resolutions, I've decided to make a twin-sized version of this "Japanese X and +" quilt.  The blocks are 11.25" each, so (with some rounding) to get a standard twin-sized quilt, I think I need 48 blocks total.  

I've also decided that I want to make this quilt with a combination of Monaluna Havana and Monaco, which comes in either fat quarter bundles or half-yard bundles.  Each bundle contains 8 fabrics, so total I'm looking at either 8 yards or 16 fat quarters.  

From there, I have no idea.  Eight yards of fabric seems like an awful lot to make a quilt, but I'm having trouble visualizing the fat quarters and whether that will be enough.  Please don't do any complicated math on my account, but if any of you have made enough quilts to "eyeball it"--"Yes, 8 yards is ridiculous!" or "No way will the fat quarters be enough!"--you will have my eternal, undying gratitude.