Recycling Beeswax Candles


And now we enter the dark, cold part of the year.

I know that it's technically getting lighter every day.  I also know that the clean, stark, freezing-ness of January has developed a flavor all it's own as I've become an adult.  What used to be a month to just get through, has turned into a breath of icy fresh air.

Nonetheless, candles become a necessity now--particularly the beeswax kind that fill the house with the smell of warm.  And did you know that you can even recycle them?  

As much as I can, I save all the nubs and bits from my beeswax candles all year long.  I keep a little mason jar to stash them in.  Then, about once a year, I clean the bits as best I can, add enough new beeswax to top things off, and melt it all down in a double-boiler.  (I just put the glass jar in a pot of boiling water and watch it carefully.)  With a little wicking and some tabs--both available at your local candle shop or, failing that, at the big box craft stores--you can have new candles again in very little time.

The recycled candles aren't quite as strong smelling as fresh ones, but I've never been too bothered about the difference.  Also, with a pretty bow wrapped around them, they make a nice little gift if you have a friend that needs some warm light too.

[P.S. The winner of the Maya and Ruhi giveaway is Klara.  Klara, I'll be in touch!]