Behind-the-Door Handkerchief Sack


Thus far--knock-on-wood, and please don't start raining down ebola germs--we have avoided the sick this year.  But when I am sick, I am a snob for handkerchiefs.

If you're a tissue user, just try one a time or two and you'll see.  Even setting the environmental thoughts completely aside, hankies are softer and more durable and just very nice.  And thanks to, a) a friend of my mother's; b) a few inherited bits; and c) some trips to the thrift store, we have stacks of them.

We have enough, in fact, that upon my last closet clean-out, I decided that they needed to find a new home bigger than the shoebox in my dresser.  Thus, this little bag was born.  

Inspired by this one (but mine is much simpler because I skipped the zipper on the back), the inside is lined with a heavy canvas to make it sturdy.  Then I just made a basic bag, but with an overlapping slit up the middle.  (So, three pieces of fabric, instead of two, if that helps.)  If I were doing it again, I would make the slit shorter, but it's been working fine as is.  

Tucked behind the bathroom door, it's out of the way, but in a convenient enough spot that I wouldn't feel bad telling a guest with the sniffles to go up and take one.  Whether this is just being a good host, or whether it's covert handkerchief evangelism....well, I'll let you be the judge of that.