Frankenquilting, Part 1


Thank you all so much for the bits of advice about the Kid's quilt.  I decided to go with the fat quarters, with the idea that I'm going to find some matching solids to balance out the patterns and make up extra needed yardage (if any).  While waiting for the fabric to arrive, however, I've been doing a little sprucing up on some quilts we already have around the house.  

Old quilts are my favorite thrifty finds.  It's rare to find one in decent shape with a reasonable price tag, so when I do, I snap it right up.  This quilt was in the window of a shop I often pass while out running.  It was missing it's binding on one side, but because a) that defect made it super cheap, and b) I knew it would be easy enough to fix, I decided to bring it home as a Christmas present to myself.

The binding on the rest of the quilt is blue, but since it was never going to perfectly match anyway, I decided to be sassy and add some purposely mismatched binding on the missing side.  I ordered this binding, and sewed up and down it several times to make it extra wonky.  

As I've said before, my favorite kind of sewing is like that--not very neat or "correct", but very pretty-to-me when it's finished.  While you certainly wouldn't want to repair an heirloom quilt in this manner, for our old, day-to-day blankets, it's fabulous.  As my sewing machine was stitching away, I thought to myself, "I'm making little Frankenstein quilts!"  And thus a name for my "technique" was born.

I'm a bit of a stickler for blankets being folded and put away each night, but this one's become such a favorite that it's quickly making a permanent home spread out on the couch.

Tomorrow....Frankenquilting, Part 2.