Frankenquilting, Part 2


The second quilt I patched up is one that Nice Mom and Sweet Sister got me for my birthday a few years ago.  When they bought it, it was in good shape, but a few years of use and washing have taken their toll.  The binding was getting worn in a few places, and there were a few outright holes that needed to be patched.

All the same, I couldn't see picking the whole thing apart and starting over (like the Love Quilt), so I decided just to stick on some patches.  Like, no folded under edges or worrying about neatness--just found some pretty pieces of fabric and zig-zaged them on top of the holes.  

For the binding, I used up the rest of the orange flowers that I had purchased for yesterday's quilt.  Then I just started in with another strip that was leftover--not matching in size or color--and continued on until the bare spots were repaired.

Given that the quilt was nice and worn-in and patchy to begin with--and given that my purpose was to make it usable, not perfect--I think my "frankenquilting" worked out splendidly.