Sponsor Saturday: Woolly Petals

Birdcage Cozy Owl 1 07-2011
Joy embroidery 01-2013
This week's featured sponsor is Woolly Petals, an Etsy shop selling imaginative, hand-sewn toys for the small folk, including stuffed owls, pretend cameras, softie books and more.  Kristin, the creative lady behind Woolly Petals, recently answered the following questions from me.

Me:  Your shop is just filled with beautiful owls of all kinds. Can you tell us a bit about why you started making them?

Kristin:  I started making owls several years ago when I was working on new products trying to find my niche. I love owls so it was a logical place to go, and being my best sellers I have developed more styles since. They are one of the most fun to make because I put more work into picking out unique one of a kind fabric combos and add a little hand stitching, a favorite of mine. 

Me:  My favorite toys in your shop are your plushie cameras. My little guy is just starting to want to steal mine, so perhaps I'll need one soon! With a little one of your own, I'll bet you have lots of fun making toys for him, as well as for Woolly Petals. What is your little boy's favorite mama-made toy?

Kristin:  Thank you, I love the cameras too. They came out exactly like I pictured them which doesn't always happen. Most of the more unisex toys, cameras, silly monsters, capes, suitcases came from having a son and all my friends having boys and having no idea what to give boys. So I started developing more toys that can be boy or girl for that versatility that is hard to find in the handmade community sometimes. My son's favorite toy I have made him is his suitcase. His dad travels a lot for work and so he is always grabbing his "case" and going to Florida, or traveling, or work. :) He also sleeps everyday with his silly monster.

Me:  A little off-topic, but I see from your blog that you're also quite a thrifter. Care to share your best-ever-find?

Kristin:  I love thirfting and am constantly amazed at some of the stuff I find and at the prices. My mom and grandpa are both big thrifters and I think I inherited it from them. My husband would say I also inherited there hoarding. :) My favorites find is by far my seattee I found at an estate sale. It was $125 and I walked away but regretted it, so I went back a couple hours later and it was half off!  Whoa, I couldn't pay that lady fast enough! You can check out that seattee here

Me:  Last, but not least, what's new for Woolly Petals in 2013?

Kristin:  What's new in 2013? I am streamlining a little. I feel the need to simplify this year, maybe due to baby #2, but I will be selecting my best sellers and favorites to keep in the shop and the rest will retire and only pop up here and there or for custom. I also have a few new play things up my sleeve that will also have tutorials on my blog. I also plan on having a few pop up weekends for my woollypetalsvintage shop to reopen to share some finds with you guys. 

I also have some market aprons and bags that do great at my flea market so I may be putting some of those in the shop. :) 


Kristin has generously agreed to give away the owl and embroidery pictured above.  To win, visit Woolly Petals, come back, and leave a comment about your favorite toy there.  As usual, I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.