Pretty When You're All the Way Preggers [Or, the One Where I Jump on the Jamberry Bandwagon]


[These have been on for 5 days.  As you can see, the middle nail is just starting to get a little rough on one edge, but otherwise pretty good.]

Growing a baby absolutely makes a woman beautiful.  The inner glow, the rounded belly, the baby waddle, all of it--doesn't matter who you are or where you're doing it, it's transcendently beautiful.

But, particularly towards the end, it's not terribly pretty in the girly, superficial sense.  Nothing fits quite right, and it seems silly to buy new clothes that do fit because they won't again in a month.  Your skin is itchy and dry.  It's hard to shave your legs.

As such, I've been a little more indulgent about treating myself to a few girly things that I might not normally trouble with, like painting my nails more often.

Sweet Husband has been a doll about helping me out with my toes....

(Although, even he drew the line at glitter polish removal the other night.  "I am never dealing with this [expletive, expletive] stuff again!"  "Umm...babe, you realize you're about to have a daughter, right?"  "I don't care, I'll buy her a [expletive] pony and she can keep it in the backyard--no [expletive] glitter polish!"  "Did you hear that Little Miss?  Daddy just promised you a pony!")

 ....but I do so much with my hands that nothing but the hardcore Shellac stuff has ever lasted me more than a day or two.  And since that's pretty heavy on the old chemical load--don't even get me started on the "ARE YOU GIVING YOUR BABY CANCER!?" articles that seem to stalk me like heat-seeking missiles--it just won't do.

Enter my new small obsession with Jamberry.  

Jamberry makes nail wraps--sort of like stickers, but super durable.  They go on with a hair dryer and come off with a little olive oil and some dental floss.  (Or you can just pick them off, which is what I do.)  

It takes a time or two to get the application really down-pat, but even my first set lasted a good week, which is amazing considering the toy-train-track-building, knitting, chicken-wrangling abuse I put my hands through.  What's more--with the caveat that I currently have the pre-natal vitamin infused claws of steel--the wraps leave my nails healthy and strong underneath.

And they're cute.  The first time a friend of mine wore them to breakfast, I had to stop myself from reaching across the table to grab her hand for a better look.  "Well those are pretty!"  I exclaimed as she showed me up close.  Just in the last week my chiropractor, the check-out lady at Target, and a random stranger in line for chocolate have all stopped me to ask about mine.

If you check into the super-crunchy sites, the "non-toxic, vegan, will-make-the-wild-birds-sing" safety claims are still up for debate--if I'm understanding the concerns correctly, the wraps contain a small amount of PVC--but as compared to the alternatives, they're pretty darned good.  And if I avoided all PVC exposure, I wouldn't be able to drink water most of the time, so there's that.

Wanna try some?  Due to a shipping error, I ended up getting several extra sets for free and Jamberry was nice enough to tell me just to keep 'em.  My gain is your gain, so I'm giving away two sets that would be fun for the holidays--one in "Winter's Edge" and one in "Everything Nice".  Just to keep it simple, I'll give both sets to the same person, k-doke?

To win, leave a comment.  I'll pick a winner this time next week.

[This post is not sponsored by Jamberry.  They have no clue who I am, I just like their nail wraps.  The links in this post do go to my friend Kim's sales page, so if you check it out and buy some it's possible that she might take me out for a coffee down the road, but other than that no connection at all.  :) ]