Winter Woolfest


In January each year, in the little town about two stops up the river where my dad grew up, this adorable little yarn shop throws a "Winter Woolfest".  After several years of meaning to go, this year a friend and I finally made it.  

Hello yarnie heaven!  

It wasn't huge--maybe 10 or 20 vendors?--but I happily walked back and forth for over an hour touching fibers and yarn, watching spinners, and chatting at the booths.  And I know the crafty ladies who visit here will understand the restraint it took me to only come home with two new skeins of yarn.  (Well, and a sock monkey tape measure...and some buttons...but I genuinely needed those things, I swear!)

After a quick duck-out for a little wine tasting--yes, there was a winery across the street even!--my friend and I went back to take a class on two-handed colorwork.  As you can see, the little coffee cozy I made is not quite perfect, but it was so fun to learn something new.  It made me feel braver about some Fair Isle-y patterns that I've been eyeing.

I already have this festival on the calendar for next year!