Photo Wall Re-Fresh


One of the Kid's favorite things to do is stand in front of the picture wall in our stairwell and tell us who the people in the pictures are.  Sweet Husband and I try to bite our tongues and not scold him for touching--he loves showing us what he knows and I think it helps keep him connected to family members we don't necessarily see all the time.

But between rough and grubby almost-two-year-old fingers, and the natural aging of photos hanging without frames, by the end of last year I knew we were going to need to refresh our picture wall shortly.

Over the holidays, I took down all the pictures and clipped up Christmas cards in their place.  After the cards came down, the wall was bare for a few weeks.  It was a little refreshing to me--I find a lot of peace in the bare walls of January--but the Kid kept asking, "Mama put the pictures back up?"

So, of course, I did.  Except this time I trimmed them into squares, which was just enough of a change.  In combination with the newly dusted and re-stacked bookshelf, our living area is feeling quite fresh.  If I could bring myself to clean the windows (or the floors, for that matter!) it would be sparkling even, but that's just crazy-talk, yes?